Pure Oud Oil Royal Malaysia 3ml Dehn Al Oud

A royal quality grade of pure oud oil with sumptuous scents. The combines mysterious sweety, woody and floral notes, arise to refined scents, rich in aroma will seduce your day!

Ori Oud Asia is pleased to present you this beautiful pure oud oil from Malaysia. The high quality of dark brown
color oil obtained from quality woods in perfect distillation process. This exceptionally rare oil, begin with sweety notes and reveal over the hours of woody notes that will embellish the fragrance and delicious notes. Releasing charming scents with hints of floral and earthy pleasant. The pure oil will surprise you with their subtleties and mysteries.

Discover this mysteries pure Oud Oil that will scent your days and nights

Product Details:

Product: Pure Oud Oil
Grade: Royal Malaysia
Color: Rich, dark brown oil, with long lasting scent
Notes: Sweet, Floral, Woody, Earthy