About ScienNature

ScienNature Malaysia Sdn Bhd started planting agarwood trees since 2011. The first plantation was in Kuala Krai, Kelantan. Subsequently more agarwood plantations were opened in other states of Malaysia.

ScienNature’s team has tirelessly combed various agarwood producing areas such as Trat and Prachinburi in Thailand; Koh Khong in Cambodia; Ambon of Maluku and Pontianak of Kalimantan, Indonesia; Laos; Myanmar; Taiwan and not forgetting Southern China to witness personally how do the people in different regions create various types of agarwood products for different groups of users. The team also visited real agarwood user market in Middle East as well as international trading hub.

By interacting with people from China, Middle East and Asean, we realized that we can actually let people enjoy more of agarwood as most people are just scrapping the surface on the benefits of Agarwood. Therefore, ScienNature has decided to dedicate the journey of creating innovative products to retrieve more benefits of agarwood for people in different regions to enjoy, at an affordable market friendly price.

Currently, ScienNature Malaysia produces Agarwood related products for three distinct regions, namely China, Middle East as well as Asean countries, mainly Malaysia.

Our mission

ScienNature has an aim to make Oudh, the world’s rarest and most expensive commodity, easily and readily accessible to the public. By incorporating Oudh into user friendly items, we hope to share the benefits that comes with it.

Our values

To combat the extinction of Aquilaria and ensuring safe consumption:

No harmful chemicals
Sustainable Forestry
Abiding governmental laws

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